Why you need to ditch your 24 step skincare routine

With hyaluronic this and parabens that, skincare can be a minefield for the uninitiated. There’s the 10-step Korean skincare routine, £300 serums and goodness knows how many cleansers… where on earth do you start, how do you find the time and what can you just ignore?

Well fear not! Whether you’re a make-up minimalist, a beauty apprentice or you’re simply looking to save a few pounds, this is one area of life where less is more.

At Minimalist Skincare we are total advocates of a no-fuss, easy to stick to daily skincare routine. We shun fancy serums and overnight masks in favour of a more back-to-basics approach for the very best long-term results. It’s all about cleansing, using an active, moisturising and a good SPF. And that’s it!

“When given too many choices, people tend to worry that there’s something better out there than what they decided on.” - Fumio Sasaki

This is definitely true! How many times have we browsed through all the choices of skincare on offer and just felt confused? As humans we fear that we’re doing the “wrong thing” with our skincare routine and wonder if we should change things up a bit. The important thing to realise here is that beautiful, healthy skin is a lifestyle - just like a diet - and there are no quick fixes.

Feel overwhelmed by the sheer choice of skincare on the market?

You’re not alone. With the beauty and skincare market constantly evolving, it’s very tempting to make a beeline for the shops every time something new comes out. From scrubs and peels to blemish busters and masks, the lure of shiny new products is strong.

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Of course, there's nothing wrong with trying a few different things to see what you like. But having too many skincare products can not only be worse for your skin, but a big old waste of money too. Many of us have a huge collection of skincare products at home; some we’ve grabbed for a bargain in the sales and others are gifts from friends and family. A lot of them sit unopened from when they made their way into your home over 3 months ago!

The Marketer’s Dream

Skincare is big business. In fact it’s estimated that skincare products alone will be worth 189.3 billion US dollars by 2025. But how is it that manufacturers literally get under your skin? Why is it that the glossy magazine ad or catchy advert or attractive packaging draws you in like nothing else?

It’s simply a case of clever marketing. We’re drawn in by the promise of flawless skin, of eternal youth and having that dewy, sun-kissed glow all year round. Let’s face it, no-one likes feeling as if their skin is dry, or less than radiant - especially in the summer when (in normal, Covid-free times) we’re heading on holidays, to weddings and to parties in the garden. We’re sold an ideal, like we need to buy these products. But actually we don’t…

Like we said: Cleanse, using an active, moisturise, SPF - keep it simple and break that cycle!

The problem with too much product

Too many skincare products used at one time - especially on your face - isn’t a great idea. Whilst magic ingredients like CBD oil, activated charcoal and mushrooms sound great, they’re really just buzzy words. The fact is, if you’re not careful your skin can easily become flaky, uneven, inflamed and generally unhappy. It simply becomes overloaded.

An effective skincare routine is about targeted products that actually deliver results, because our skin doesn’t appreciate being suffocated. Frankly it's not comfortable to have layer upon layer of stuff slapped on - it’s a waste of product and a waste of your hard-earned pennies too.

Overdoing it can also make your skin feel quite oily and sticky as the product sits on its surface instead of being absorbed. You may also become prone to breakouts and blocked pores too.

How do I go about minimising my skincare routine?

A good place to start is with a simple declutter of your current skincare products. Arrange everything onto the floor and put the items into groups, i.e. moisturisers, cleansers, serums etc. Next check expiry dates, and bin products that have passed them. We bet you’ll be shocked at how long some of your stuff has been hanging around! If some things are new and unopened - and within expiry range - give them away to friends and family if you don’t think you’ll actually use them. Or, why not give them away to charity? There are several programmes set up that mean you can help end hygiene poverty and give something back. Check out Beauty Banks and Toiletries Amnesty. There are local charities too, such as food banks and homeless shelters. A good way to find them is to contact your local council who will be able to tell you what to do next.

So now you’re down to the essentials. Aim to reduce your skincare routine to a cleanser and an active if you wish, and a good moisturiser. This might be a retinoid product or Vitamin C, moisturiser with a good SPF for daytime. That’s really all you need (we promise!)

All this sound familiar?

Why not browse our beautiful range of straight-forward, wholesome skincare staples and find something perfect for you.

Our ranges are all free from irritants and synthetics and are produced from ethical sources. They’re never tested on animals either and are ideal for those even with very sensitive skin. Remember, when it comes to skincare keep it minimalist!